Welcome to Tina Osborne's website!

Tina is an artist, jewelry designer and certified Reiki Master. Here is where art, jewelry, stones, crystals and Reiki come together. Art work covers various mediums and subjects from animal portraits, horses, butterflies, and fish,  land and aquascapes to unique and personalized meditation

Jewelry is designed from  semi precious stones, such as amethyst, quartz and malachite in gold and silver plated wire or 14k gold, sterling silver or copper. Choose from a wide variety of in studio, ready-made jewelry, earrings, pierced or clip-on, rings, necklaces, and bracelets, including guy's and children's jewelry, or pick your own stones and crystals for that unique piece of jewelry designed just for you!

There is also a selection of touch stones and crystals for meditation purposes or just to look at!

Custom and commissioned orders of jewelry and art welcome. 

Inspired by nature and aspiring to real or surreal-ism and a sense of timeless movement and emotion, Tina will use various mediums to draw or paint any animal, tree, flower, fish, land and aquascape. Abstracts and mandalas, influenced by the universes both within and without, invite the viewer to take an introspective voyage of discovery, while many of the paintings, including "Earth Mothers," as well as the jewelry are visual reflections of Reiki and Crystal stone meditations.

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